National Senior Games 2019

1500 m Race Walk 6/15/19

TCRW walkers were well represented at the 2019 Senior Games in Albuquerque, NM. Full Results with splits are on the FinishedResults web site

Ann Hegstrom placed 3rd in the 1500 m Women’s 60-65 group with a 9:57 time. Anita Macias-Howard took 7th in the 65-70 group with a 10:12 time.

In the Men’s 1500m Jeff Holmbeck took 5th in the 60 – 64 group with a 9:23 finish. Minnesota walker Charles Weaver took 10th in the 65-69 group with 17:18. Another member of the DeVaney family – Michael of Arizona placed 4th with 10:13 in the 65-69 group.

Phil Rogosheske took a 2nd place Silver in the 75-79 group at 10:06. He and the first place finisher, Joel Dubow of Georgia traded the lead several times until the final lap when Joel went ahead by 10 seconds.

5000 m Race Walk 6/17/19

Ann Hegstrom took the 3rd place Bronze in the Women’s 60 – 65 group at 35:22. Anita Macias-Howard moved up to 6th place in 65-69 group at 35:41.

On the Men’s side 65-69 Daniel Buche took the 3rd Place Bronze at 34:55. Jeff Holmbeck took 6th place at 33:48 in the 60-64 group.

In the 75 – 79 Mens 5000m, Phil Rogosheske again dueled with Joel Dubow with a photo finish 0.4 seconds ahead this time – except for the finish line DQ. Ouch!!

1500m Photos

5000m Photos