What is Race Walking, Anyway?

Race walking is a stylized form of running, much like the backstroke is a stylized form of swimming. To the casual observer, race walking is clearly different from running, fitness walking, ordinary walking and skipping.

3/19/20 Race Walk 101 Clinics will not be held during the COVID-19 epidemic. Watch this page and the event calendar for updates

Race Walk 101 Clinic – Our 1 hour quick intro Clinic occurs every month from April to September.  Check the Event Schedule for next clinic event. Experienced racewalkers also have found these clinics to be good ‘technique tuneups’

What You’ll Learn

  • what makes race walking different from running
  • legal race walk technique – to follow the rules
  • efficient race walk style – with the impact stress of running
  • basic components of a race walk training program
  • how to set reasonable goals for your race walking
  • how to adapt a training program to help you meet your goals
  • how to select shoes for race walking
  • how fast/far race walkers go

While we can introduce you to race walking in only one hour, to really learn it, you have to go race walk. As you experiment with race walking technique and race walking style, you’ll come up with more questions. That is what the club is good for, because you can ask your questions of the knowledgeable race walkers and coaches that come to every club function. There is always more to learn about race walking, about how your body works, and about the control that your mind has. This clinic can be repeated, experienced race walkers have found value in more coaching sessions.

Who Should Come?

If you are looking for a break from running, you might be a race walker.
If you fitness walk already and are looking for a challenge, you might be a race walker.
If you want to lose weight, and have some time to spend every day, you might be a race walker.
If you like to do things that are a little bit different, you might be a race walker.
If you want to challenge your brains control of your body, you might be a race walker.
If you want to meet some really nice people, you might be a race walker.

No previous race walking experience is necessary.


Offered once each month on third Monday of the month during April-September.  See the calendar for dates. 

The Race Walk 101 Clinics will resume when Health Authorities advise that danger of infection from COVID-19 has passed.


At the Como Lake Pavilion, Saint Paul. We meet on the path in front of the waterfall at the Lakeside Pavilion, on the east side of Lexington Ave. It is between the two parking lots around the Pavilion. It lasts about an hour.

What to bring

Shorts, a t-shirt, and your walking shoes. Please don’t buy new walking shoes – just bring some shoes you feel comfortable walking in. The first day, we’ll talk about what shoes are best for race walking, and you can decide then if you need new ones. There are restrooms for changing clothes and drinking fountains for water.


$5 for 1 hour of race walking instruction – checks payable to Twin Cities Race Walkers.


So we have an idea of how many people are going to come, please pre-register via e-mail. If you didn’t get around to pre-registering, come anyway!


Contact Bruce Leasure at 651-330-9355.