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Skill Level of Athletes

All skill levels of athletes are welcome. The only restriction is that you must be able to complete the distance that you enter before the Max Time for that day has passed. We have had race walkers that took over 14 minutes per mile and race walkers that took only 7 minutes per mile. We won't let you start a new lap after Max Time has passed. See the entry form for the Max Time for each day.


Type of Participation

We welcome race walkers, walkers and runners to all events.


There are two points of walking technique that differentiate race walking, walking and running. These two rules are carefully defined in the rules of race walking, but here is a version that is simple to understand:


  1. both shoes cannot be off the ground at the same time
  2. a knee can be bent only when the shoe on the same leg is either on the ground behind the body or in the air


If you don't follow rule 1, then you are running.

If you don't follow rule 2, but do follow rule 1, then you are walking.

If you follow both rule 1 & rule 2, then you are race walking.


There will be race walk judges on the course at all times to enforce these rules.


If 3 or more judges independently decide that you have violated the appropriate rules, then you are disqualified (DQed) from that type of participation.


The chief race walk judge will attempt to notify an athlete that they have been DQed from a particular type of participation. If we are unable to notify you during the race, we will automatically adjust the type of participation when we create the results.


A race walker that is DQed for violating Rule 2, can continue as a walker. A walker or a race walker that is DQed for violating Rule 1 can continue as a runner. Runners can never be DQed.


Course Facilities

There will be water available on a table on the course. The athletes will have access to this table once per lap. For race walking, a lap is 1km or 1.25km. For walking and running, a lap is 5km.


There will be a table on the course for each athlete to place their own personal stash of sports beverage, food, and other necessities. The athletes will have access to this table once per lap.


There will be a DQ board. The race walk officials will post a red dot on this board next to an athletes bib number as soon as possible after a race walk judge has proposed an athlete for disqualification. The red dot will be marked to indicate which rule was violated.


We try to provide lap times to all athletes, both during the race and afterwards. We recommend that you bring a wrist watch that can count laps and record split times as a backup.


Bathrooms or a port-a-potty is provided near the start/finish line for all courses.


Course Distance

The Big Rivers Regional Trail course (new in 2009) is a 1km loop on the south side of the Mississippi River, just downstream from Fort Snelling.


The Central Park course is a 1km loop along the north side of Bennett Lake.


The Frost Ave course (new in 2010) is a 1km loop on the Gateway Trail. The start line is at the trail access from Frost Ave just east of Arcade St. All race walk events will be held on a 1m out-and-back loop. All walk and run events are held on a 2.5km out-and-back loop.


On the Greenway Trail course, all events are held on a 2km loop, with the start/finish line at the exact center. Sometimes we use only one half the course, making it a 1km loop.


On the Jorvig Park course, all race walk events will be held on a 1.25km out-and-back loop. All walk and run events are held on a 5km out-and-back loop.


The St. Paul Academy outdoor track is 400m per lap for lane 1.


The Water St course (new in 2010) is a 1km loop on the bike path between Water St and the Mississippi River. The start line is underneath the Smith High Bridge.





Maximum of 1 award per person per day. If you are eligible for more than one award, you get to pick which you get.

Identical categories for men and women.

  • 1st Place
  • 1st Master (35 and older)
  • 1st Junior (14-19)
  • 1st-3rd in these age groups
    • 10 and younger, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18
    • 19-34
    • 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90 and older



Results are posted on the web. We try to provide splits for each lap as well.


Spectators and Volunteers

There is plenty of space for spectators to view the action. The only good entry to the course is near the start/finish line. Like most small races, we can always use volunteers, so be warned - we will try to transform a spectator into a volunteer. All the tasks can be learned on race-day. It would be nice if every participant could bring a volunteer.



If the event is held at the Central Park course, look for a hotel in Roseville to minimize travel times.


If the event is held on the Jorvig Park course, the Holiday Inn Select Airport 952-854-9000 is reasonably priced (from $91), near the airport, near the Mall of America, and an easy drive to the course. It also has one of the finest fitness centers I've ever seen in a hotel.


If the event is held on the Greenway Trail course,  the Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel, 2901 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407 is at the west end of the course. Call (612) 821-7600 for reservations.


Race Walk Judging

If you are a race walk judge and are looking for some more experience for the resume, we would love to have you come judge. If you are new to race walk judging and want to shadow-judge a race, we can assign you an experience judge as a mentor. If you can, please let Bruce Leasure that you are coming.


Video Taping

Feel free to have someone come and video tape you, or any others during the race.


On some races, we will have a mobile video platform on the course that will parallel each walker for extended periods of time. After the race, we retire to a local eatery and view the video taken during the race. It is the best way to see what your body is really doing.



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