2009 Minnesota Marathon & Half Marathon


Status - Certification in Progress


Marathon: USATF Certified Course MN-????-RR.

Half Marathon: USATF Certified Course MN-????-RR.


Course Description

Both starting lines are near the intersection of Portland Ave and S 2nd St in Minneapolis, MN.


The two courses have starting lines within 50m of each other and have the same finish line. The half marathon course follows the marathon course with an early turnaround. The remainder of the course description will be of the marathon course, with the early turnaround for the half marathon noted..




Course Maps


Exact Locations of Marathon Course Marks



Exact Locations of Half Marathon Course Marks




Required Cones


Recommended Cones


Recommended Starting Procedure when both courses are used


This information available online at twincitiesracewalkers.org/courses/2009MinneapolisMarathon+Half