2008 Lederhosenlauf 5k


USATF Certified Course - pending


Course Description

Start on Farrington St, at the entrance to the German American Institute parking lot. Turn Right on Laurel Ave, then left on Nina St. Turn right on Selby Ave, for the first good view of the Cathedral of St Paul. Turn left at Summit, hugging the Cathedral, and get a great view of downtown St Paul as you go downhill to Dayton Ave. Turn left on Dayton Ave and charge right back up the hill. Turn left on Farrington St, then right on Selby Ave. Go all the way to Victoria St, then turnaround and come back. On the way back, you get another good view of the Cathedral. Turn right on Farrington and sprint for the finish.


The course has good views of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, downtown Saint Paul, some Victorian era houses, and all of the small businesses along Selby Ave.



Course Maps


Exact Locations of Course Marks


All course marks have a PK nail driven into the street on the shortest path.

The shortest path is usually at the curb. Exceptions noted below.


Start - On Farrington St near Summit Ave at the north edge of GAI parking lot


1 km - 270 Dakota Ave - at the street light


1 mile - Center of driveway east of 449 Selby Ave


2 km - East edge of house at 565 Selby Ave


Turnaround - On Selby Ave, 2.75 meters east of east edge of east crosswalk at Victoria St. PK nail in center of street


3 km - On Selby Ave, 6.4m east of first bus stop bench east of Victoria St


2 mile - On Selby Ave, 1 meter east of center line of Avon St. PK nail in the middle of Avon, on the extended curbline of the south edge of Selby Ave.


4 km - Across the street from the center of the duplex 551/553 Selby Ave - 8.5 meters west of street light


3 mile - 1 meter north of street light across from 156 Farrington. PK nail in roadway on shortest path


Finish - At the Start


Required Cones

The only required cone is at the Turnaround on Selby Ave near Victoria St. Place the cone on top of the PK nail in the center of the street. If you have more cones, make a teardrop shape turnaround with the cone closest to Victoria St being the one on top of the PK nail.


Recommended Water Stop Location

Between the 2km and 4km marks on Selby Ave. On a hot day, this water stop could serve people going in both directions.



This information is available online at http://twincitiesracewalkers.org/courses/2008Lederhosenlauf5k